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I am Christiane

When Christiane first picked up a guitar and started writing songs as a young teenager, she tried to make songs that would relate broadly to everyone, but one night when she played some of her songs for a mixed crowd, a guy told her “I really like your songs, but they’re so girly.” She realized that despite the actual subject matter of her songs, some dudes would always think her songs were too feminine for them to listen to. With that realization, she decided to go in the opposite direction-she would write from her own experience as a young woman growing up in the new millennium.

As she started exploring music made by women, she was drawn to songs by writers like Dolly Parton and Amy Winehouse, who drew from their own experiences and wrote honestly about their feelings. Christiane’s songs, though, aren’t ballads. In fact, she doesn’t do sweet. She sings and writes from a position of power and threads of vulnerability to show both who she is and who she wants to be. These are songs about widely experienced situations, written from a perspective not often explored in acoustic music.

With a musical interest ranging from bluegrass to alternative rock to neo-soul, she experiments with rhythms, volume and speed to her original songs and an array of often surprising covers resulting in an interesting and energetic take on americana music.